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Premier CPR Training is a Veteran family owned company.  Providing American Heart Association (AHA), and Red Cross  CPR Training. 


Our company believes that CPR training is a very important lifesaving tool. This training prepares individuals to respond to many different types of emergencies until Emergency Response Team arrives. As prior military we value the importance of being prepared. 


Our teaching technique is very unique as we understand the value of experience, science and approach.  By providing interactive, personalized training many students are more engaged confident and excited to utilize training in communities.  Therefore training more individuals to quickly respond and feel better prepared in case of emergency.

Meet Your Texas Team

Jerimiah Ramos- AHA Red Cross Instructor
Jessica Ramos- AHA and Red Cross Instructor

Jerimiah Ramos- Lead Instructor/ Owner

Jerimiah has been teaching CPR Classes for over 17 years, delivering high quality, energetic training. After serving 8 years in the Air Force this instantly became a very fulfilling training to be provided to businesses and communities. Jerimiah can apply curriculum by means of stories, scenarios and life experience, believing each group has different training needs; from childcare facilities to law offices each group will have a unique field that needs tailored to. Certified as a Red Cross and American Heart Association instructor.


Jessica Ramos- Instructor/Marketing Manager

Jessica has been teaching CPR Classes for over 10 years after separating from serving 6 years in the Air Force. This experience, as well as being a mother, has inspired the need for giving individuals training for if and when faced in an emergency situation. Certified as a Red Cross and American Heart Association instructor.

Meet Your Colorado Team

Avery Ramos- AHA, Red Cross CPR Instructor

Avery Ramos- Lead Instructor

Avery has been providing over 2 years of high quality CPR Training to the Greater Colorado area. His years of working in retail, being a Lifeguard and assisting others, has added to his understanding of being prepared for emergencies. He is energetic, realistic, professional and thorough in his teaching approach. Certified as a Red Cross and American Heart Association instructor.


Jeremy Ashton- Instructor

Jeremy is our newest addition to our company. After separating from serving 4 years in the Marine Corp, we were excited to have him join our team. His professional, and personal approach has made him a valuable asset and we know you will agree.  He is personal and thorough in his approach to teaching how to respond in emergency situations. Certified as a Red Cross and American Heart Association instructor.

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